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Working group 

  A. Organization

  1. The Upper Dolores Stream Protection Working Group directs attention at stream-health conditions.

  2. Members of the Working Group are from:

  • San Juan National Forest (SJNF)

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW)

  • Dolores Water Conservancy District (DWCD)

  • Dolores River Anglers (DRA) chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU)

  • Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU)

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  B. Current effort

  1. The Working Group has selected 9 streams or reaches within them as candidates for Outstanding Waters.

  2. They are: Bear, above private property; Coal, below Lizard Head Wilderness Area; East Fork; Priest; Slate, below Lizard Head Wilderness Area; Snow Spur; Stoner, above private property; Wildcat; and West Fork, above Burro Bridge and below Lizard Head Wilderness Area

  3. All 9 have large drainage areas and high maximum elevations.

  4. Those characteristics are believed key for resilience against dewatering due to climate change.

  5. The 9 candidate streams currently are undergoing water quality analyses.

  6. The analyses are being conducted in each of the 4 seasons over the period of a year.

  7. Findings so far are shown at Metals and Non-metals results in Data.

  8. More description is at Outstanding waters and at Regulatory environment.

  C. Outreach​

  1. The Working Group is sharing information with Dolores Watershed Resilient Forest (DWRF); Montezuma and Dolores County Commissions; Towns of Cortez, Mancos, Dolores, and Rico; landowners in the immediate area of the candidate streams; cattle and sheep ranchers with active grazing permits in the watersheds; Southwestern Water Conservation District; local newspapers, for example, the Cortez Journal and the Durango Herald.

  2. Outreach is expected to expand and refine as the candidate list of streams approaches finalization.

  D. Discussion​

Links to presentations that have assisted discussions at Working Group sessions, which are ongoing:

    Waters | Forecast | Expectations | Group 

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