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Non-metals, spring, 2021
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Non-metals, fall 2020
Non-metals, summer 2020
Nutrients, fall 2020
  1. Of the 5 non-metals parameters for Outstanding Waters evaluation, only the E. coli standard was exceeded, twice.

  2. It was 517/100 ml at Stoner in July and 127/100 ml at Coal in September, the standard being 126/100 ml.

  3. While not an Outstanding Waters parameter, total coliform also was measured for indication of water quality.

  4. The standard of 200/100 ml for CO Recreation Class I water was exceeded in July at 10 of the 12 streams sampled.

  5. Only Barlow, East Fork, and Slate were below the total coliform standard in the July sampling.

  6. Total coliform presence likely results from fecal material carried by runoff into the streams, that is, from grazing.

Data: Metals results | Non-metals results