• Water quality. Sampling and analysis of non-metals and metals.

  • Water temperature. Patterns, comparisons with criteria, thermal relief and refuge, and candidates for resources.

  • Protections underway. Designation as Outstanding Waters and enrollment in Instream Flow Program protection.​

  • Sorting for priority. Sorting for priority in the application of resources to protect and preserve trout habitat.

  • Watershed comparison. Streams with the most habitat volume and resilience.

  • Cutthroat conservation. Identification and preservation of historic lineage of the Colorado River cutthroat trout (CRCT).

  • Decision framework. Assistance with discussions and decisions about CRCT and wild trout preservation and management.

  • Nominee streams. Applying the logic of cutthroat trout conservation strategies to identify nominee streams for resources.

Example: Sorting candidate streams for priority