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Introduction to Dolores Study
What We're Asking and Discovering, So Far
Trout 3.jpg


  • Are warm-weather water temperatures the same in tributaries and the main stem?

  • Do drought conditions bring significantly higher water temperatures?

  • The study area is a mountainous, 500-sq-mi basin in southwestern Colorado.

  • Is trout habitat jeopardized by rising temperatures? By dewatering? Is refuge available?  Do tributaries have a role?

  • What is current water quality in tributaries?


  • Temperatures in tributaries do not have the same patterns as in the main stem.

  • Study findings are assisting an informed planning for habitat preservation efforts.

  • Initial stream priorities have been set collaboratively for the near-term.

  • Tools to judge stream vulnerability and resilience have been developed.

  • Candidate response actions are identified.

  • See what you think.

Gallery photographs enable visual comparisons of seasonal flows among streams.

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