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  • Cold Stream Tier 1 (CS-1) standards apply for tributaries and for the main stem above its confluence of the West Fork (except the portion below Fish Creek, for which CS-2 applies).

  • Water temperature were measured in July and August of 2018 and 2019 at tributary and main stem sites, with results summarized in the tables below and locations shown in maps.

  • Temperatures at the tributary sites were lower than the CS-1 standards, as seen here.

  • The main stem, on the other hand, was too warm up to 8,550 ft in 2018, the year of the 2nd most severe drought on record, and up to 7,300 ft in 2019, also seen here.

  • Plots provide comparison of data with CS-1 chronic and acute standards and normal distributions.

Temperature summary


Weekly average temperatures (WAT) and two-hour average temperatures (TAT)


Statistics summary

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