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  • Streams may be represented in their vulnerability to loss of existence, ranked on that basis, and that characterization used to assist in setting priorities for actions.

  • For example, an approach has been made that separates the basin's 42 trout-bearing streams into 5 groups, or quintiles, identified from lowest to highest in vulnerability.

  • Scores were assigned based on judgements of vulnerability as estimated from information such as watershed size and mean annual precipitation.

  • The table below shows the 8 streams assessed to be most vulnerable, for example, which includes 5 that are on the near-term priority list.

Streams ranked by vulnerability

  1. The ranking by vulnerability of the trout-bearing streams in the upper Dolores study area can be downloaded.

  2. The report "Climate Change and the Upper Dolores Watershed: A Coldwater-fisheries Adaptive Management Framework," 2017, hosts the ranking by vulnerability and also can be downloaded.

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