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Findings > Non-metals

  • Aquatic Life Cold 1 standards were used to compare with analytical results for the five non-metals that apply in evaluating streams for classification as Colorado Outstanding Waters.

  • Also shown in the tables below are a comparison of total nitrogen and phosphorus (nutrients) with interim standards and results from additional sampling for bacteria concentrations.

  • The analytical results are from samples collected seasonally since summer 2020 at nine study area streams, the same shown in metals findings.

  • As evident from examining the tables below, only bacteria concentrations (E. coli and total coliform) on occasions at some streams were higher than the standards.

Winter 2022
Non 18Jan22.jpg
Fall 2021
Non 13Sep21.jpg
Non 19Jul21.jpg
Summer 2021
Non 24May21.jpg
Spring 2021
Non 18Jan21.jpg
Winter 2021
Fall 2020
Non 21Sep20.jpg
Non 14Jul20.jpg
Summer 2020
Nutrients, September 2020
Bacteria, Coal and Stoner
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