Metals, spring, 2021

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Metals, winter 2021
Metals, fall 2020
Metals, summer 2020
Metals, laboratory detection limits
  1. Of the 7 metals parameters for Outstanding Waters qualification, no metals standards were exceeded.

  2. The closest approach was copper at Coal in January, 6.7 ug/l as compared with the 14 ug/l standard.

  3. Zinc at 5.7 ug/l was measured at Coal in the January sampling; the hardness-adjusted standard is 189 ug/l.

  4. Zinc at 2.1 and 2.2 ug/l ostensibly were found at Bear, Coal, and West Fork, Burro Bridge in January.

  5. But 2.2 ug/l also was measured in the blank, indicating possibly no zinc was detected at those 3 streams.

  6. That is, zinc could be in the stream samples at 2.1-2.2 ug/l as a artifact of the equipment or the analysis process.

  7. It is notable that the duplicate sampling and analysis at Bear gave identical results or very nearly so.

  8. Manganese, 1-6 ug/l, was in all the streams except East Fork, but below the standards, 1600-2100 ug/l.

  9. No cadmium, lead, silver, or selenium were found at any of the streams in the summer, fall, and winter sampling.

  10. Selenium was an exception at East Fork and Slate, 1.2 and 2.1 ug/l in the winter sampling; standard, 4.6 ug/l.

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