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Protections underway 

  A. In place and planned

  1. Eight of the 42 trout-bearing streams, or reaches within them, already are Colorado Outstanding Waters.

  2. Nine more are candidates for proposal for that designation.​

  3. Eighteen are enrolled in Colorado's Instream Flow Program, which includes the West Fork.

  4. The total is 22 individual streams, not counting the West Fork since other counted streams drain into it.

  5. The 22 streams are listed alphabetically in the table below.

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Protections underway and additional details


  B. Cutthroat factor​

  1. Of those 22, 18 are known to have cutthroat trout populations and are identified above.

  2. As a threatened species, cutthroat trout figure importantly in evaluation for Outstanding Waters status.

  C. Additional detail​

  1. In additional administrative detail, 11 have either no surface water diversion structures or only 1.

  2. Seven of the 22 have vacant, or inactive, Range allotments, which are managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

  3. The protections underway along with the additional details mentioned above are shown in the table above.

  4. Sorting for priority can be helpful in discussions about where to apply resources for protecting and preserving habitat.

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