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Watershed comparison

  1. The 10 streams with the largest habitat volume, that is, the largest flows, are listed in the table below, highest to lowest.

  2. Six of those streams, identified in blue, are candidates for proposal as Outstanding Waters.

  3. The 3 additional candidate streams for proposal, also identified in blue, are part of the list, in the order of flow size.

  4. Flow, drainage area, maximum elevation, and total coliform concentration are shown for each of the 13 streams.

  5. The yellow background and bold font identifies the value that sorts highest for each column characteristic.

  6. The exception is for total coliform, with yellow background and bold font marking values below the standard, 200/100 ml.

  7. The status of Active or Vacant range allotments, that is, for grazing by cattle or sheep, is given for each stream.

  8. Additional distinguishing, descriptive information is provided in Comments.

Protections | Priority | Comparison | Tool

Comparison among streams of habitat volume, resilience, and other features

Protections | Priority | Comparison | Tool

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