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  A. Overview

  1. The objective is to use natural scouring from stream flow at in-stream structures to improve pocket refuge.

  2. Materials for actions would be in-stream or streamside rocks and wood.

  3. Tools for the actions would be portable (shovels, picks, saws) for working at a stream without needing road access.

  4. Pockets refer to locations of more volume per unit length than elsewhere in the stream.

  5. They would be available to trout for refuge during periods of dewatering.

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Opportunity to improve refuge by strengthening one structure and adding another

  B. Reading the stream

  1. This next step is “reading the stream” for locations to take actions for improving pocket refuge.

  2. Locations where actions would cause little or no backup of water are preferred so flow would be unimpeded.

  3. That would mean where there is little or no adjacent flood plain for water to spread upstream of a structure.

  4. Locations where flow velocity is naturally higher would be preferred for the opportunity to increase it.

  5. This would be where streambed gradients are greater and channel widths are narrower.

  6. Actions would be taken to deepen and lengthen some naturally occurring pockets.

  7. As well, actions to create new pockets would be away from existing ones.

  8. That would improve refuge by distributing it along a stream.

  9. Locations where stream-side shade can be used would minimize heating from direct solar radiation.

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