Goshawk reserve description

  1. The goshawk reserve "island" is a possible site for snowtography measurements.

  2. The reserve is located in the Chicken Creek watershed.

  3. It is reached from Hwy 184 by taking CR 41, which becomes FS 385.

  4. Access to the site is on the Dolph Kuss Trail.

  5. A parking area for the trail is on FS 385, approximately 4.2 miles from Hwy 184.

  6. The trailhead is identified with a sign, which is just inside the gate that separates the parking area from the trail.

  7. The reserve is a 15-minute walk from the parking area and trailhead.

  8. The map below shows the configuration of the reserve, the trail, the parking area, and CR 41, turning into FS 385.

  9. Numbers on the map mark locations where the photographs were taken that are shown here.

  10. Ground surface at the reserve slopes south and west.

  11. Vegetation is ponderosa pine and gambel oak, which is not particularly dense or tall.

  12. The site does have cell phone reception, which means linking to equipment over the Internet appears possible.