Criteria, acronyms

I. Criteria, standards

A. Water temperature

  • 62.6 F, Colorado (CO) chronic criterion.

  • 71.1 F, CO acute criterion.

  • 64.6 F, brook trout chronic criterion.

  • 64.9 F, rainbow trout chronic criterion.

  • 67.3 F, brown trout chronic criterion.

​B. Water quality​

  • pH:​ 6.5-9.0.

  • Dissolved oxygen (DO): 6.0 mg/l; 7.0 mg/l, during spawning.

  • E. coli: 126 per 100 ml.

  • Nitrate: 10 mg/l.

  • Ammonia: calculated based on pH.

  • Metals (arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, manganese, silver, zinc): calculated based on hardness.

  • Selenium: 4.6 ug/l.

  • Total nitrogen as nitrate: 1.25 mg/l (interim standard).

  • Total phosphorus as phosphate: 0.11 mg/l (interim standard).

  • (Total coliform: 200 per 100 ml).

II. Acronyms, abbreviations​

A. General

  • CCR, Code of Colorado Regulations.

  • CS-1, cold stream tier 1.

  • TVS, table value standard.

B. Water temperature

  • 30T, 30-minute temperatures.

  • WAT, weekly average temperatures.

  • MWAT, maximum weekly average temperature.

  • TAT, two-hour average temperatures.

  • MTAT, maximum two-hour average temperature.

  • DM, daily maximum; same two-hour calculation as MTAT.

C. Water quality

  • DO, dissolved oxygen.

  • E. coli, Escherichia coli.

  • M&E, monitoring and evaluation.

  • mg/l, milligrams per liter, equivalent to parts per million.

  • ug/l, micrograms per liter, equivalent to parts per billion.


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